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April 2014
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On episode 58 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast, Jay chats with Phillies minor leaguer Jim Murphy about his progress, his status in the system and more. Tug and Jay also chat about Passover as well as loads of minor leaguers including Jay Johnson, Ken Giles, Willie Carmona, Roman Quinn, Mitch Walding and Joey Gallo.

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On episode 57 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast Tug and Jay are joined by former Phillies outfielder Wes Chamberlain who chats about his new book, his pro career, playing in Japan, Philadelphia fans and tons more. The guys also discuss Tug's new gig as Reading team photographer as well as early season success for some Double-A Fightins talent like Kenny Giles, Severino Gonzalez, Cameron Perkins and Edgar Duran among others.

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On episode 56 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast, Tug and Jay chat about the minor league promotions that stand out for the coming season, plus several Phillies transactions including the team moving on from Bobby Abreu, Mike Stutes and Kevin Frandsen. Also news related to former Phils Seth Rosin, Vance Worley and Carlos Carrasco is discussed.

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It's episode 55 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast.  On this edition of the show, former Phillies outfielder Chris Roberson phones in to talk about the 2007 division title team, his time in the minors, playing in Mexico, who he looks up to from his time with the Phils and plenty more.  Tug and Jay also talk about Jimmy Rollins' negative vibe lately and Tug's new gig as the team photographer for the Double-A Readign Fightins.

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Tug and Jay are back with the 54th edition of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast.  On this episode the guys are joined by longtime Phillies and Eagles Public Address Announcer Dan Baker, who chats about being the most tenured announcer in MLB, his roots in sports, how ingrained his family is in Philadelphia athletics, his various other gigs and so much more.  The guys also talk about Tug's "Casual Fan" tour of three years ago, Phillies spring training among other subjects.

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On episode 53 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast, Jay interview pro wrestling superstar Joey Ryan, who chats about independent wrestling, his try out for the WWE, his time with TNA, being a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave as well as his beloved LA Angels. Tug and Jay also remember former Phils manager and Angels legend Jim Fregosi and chat about the Phillies' pitching staff for the coming season plus much more.

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It's the 52nd edition of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast! On this installment, Tug and Jay welcome sports talk host and Bleacher Report baseball writer Joe Giglio who discusses the state of the Phillies, new manager Ryne Sandberg and the team's lackluster off-season. Additionally, the guys chat about Curt Schilling's cancer diagnosis and the speculation that old Veterans Stadium may have played some part in a growing list of Phillies who have dealt with the disease. Roman Quinn's recovery from Achilles surgery and CZW's 15th anniversary show are also topics on this episode.

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On the 51st edition of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast, Jay and Tug discuss the return of Bobby Abreu to the Phillies as well as the team's off-season of aging. Other topics include the Phillies' TV broadcast changes, WWE's WrestleMania season kicking off with the Royal Rumble this Sunday and Daniel Bryan's insane popularity.

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On episode 50 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast Jay and Tug are joined by Phillies pitching prospect Mark Leiter Jr., who discusses his first season as a pro, growing up in a family so ingrained in professional baseball as well as collecting autographs and memorabilia.  The guys also name Mark's newest pitch, talk about a possible Ryan Madson/Phillies return rumors, the Mummers and plenty more.

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Jay and Tug return with episode 49 of the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast and are joined by Phillies catcher Cameron Rupp, who chats about the Phillies' heavy amount of activity at the backstop position this off-season, debuting in the big leagues this year, Carlos Ruiz as a mentor and leader as well as the NFC East rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys.  The guys also talk about recent transactions involving Sebastian Valle and Lou Marson, Roy Halladay's retirement plus much more.

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